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A different time needs different tools!

Benji’s is independent and nature-oriented and works non-profit in the interests of all people in networks to preserve our dietary diversity, regenerate the body and promote the mind.

Two souls (Dominic + Benji) are currently running Local Benji’s on a 19 hectare piece of land away from the nearby town of São Marcos da Serra in the north-west of the Algarve, just off the IC1 in Portugal.

Globally, several people are already actively involved in this project in order to have an impact on themselves and or to help others in the form of Benji’s.

Benji’s was created to bring people together, to receive seeds, to provide basic and necessary goods of high quality, to provide a different perspective on life, to recognize and realize the potential in oneself.

I call myself Benji and through the skills I brought with me here on earth and my enthusiasm for life, I have actively collected lifelong experiences and observed nature, the principles of nature, the laws of growth and have been practicing self-sufficiency for decades. Out of my perception I use the principles of nature as well as the alchemy of the spirit in order to qualitatively and harmoniously use the perfect existing potential. In order to be able to implement my vision, I revived Benji’s.

In this sense, I create physical local, regional and global networks and or connect existing ones with each other in order to maintain and promote an independent and self-sufficient self-determined coexistence of people in symbiosis with nature.
In addition, I primarily encourage people who take personal responsibility, want to make an impact themselves, strive for independence and self-knowledge, are open to a different way of life or just want to use quality products and individual services.

I consider mental health to be one of the most important goods and I am therefore happy to pass on information to help.
I will provide you with all possible help and information to assist you in any area you aspire to achieve your success.
This gives me unimaginable joy and excitement!

Based on this project, we at Benji’s offer the highest quality seeds, seedlings, fruits and vegetables in old, rare and special varieties, homemade products and individual natural life-oriented services in many useful areas of life especially for self-sufficiency.

In addition, we host and organize workshops in nature for many interesting areas of life and offer everyone the opportunity to make an impact at Benji’s with their talent.
Whether yoga, music, dance, art, childcare, human design, garden seeds and botany, mycology, herbs and medicine, further processing of products, natural building, getting to know and learning to use the hermetic forces of nature, mental training, connection between spirit and matter or workshops individual services… exciting, interesting and self-made also learning groups for our little ones!

Quality is our top priority!!!

– No GMO! – No artificial chemistry! – No conventional seeds! – No Patented or Genetically Modified Seeds! + Organic! + Purely natural! + Sustainable! + Seeds for the desired further propagation! + Individual and diverse! + Homemade products! + Provide any necessary information! + Directly from the manufacturer from private production! + Nature-oriented services! + Lifelike and useful workshops! + As well as other useful products from the global networks.

This is a necessary basis for us, which guarantees that we will again receive very good quality and variety of seeds and useful varieties, variety of fruit and vegetables, individual harmonious services, exciting instructive workshops and healthy products especially for self-sufficiency.

Quality not quantity! We have the time!

In addition, it is our aim to create several villages in Portugal where we can continue and expand our activities in order to enable several people in a free community to develop freely in diversity.

In addition to promoting, we are very interested in the preservation of nature and biodiversity and, with the purchase of the future plots of land for our project, we are taking on a larger part of nature conservation in order to preserve the originality.

That’s what we stand for with our lives.

On our current farm we live self-sufficiently and self-sufficiently with a cultivation area of more than 350m2 and, in addition to the areas already mentioned, we receive popular and mostly unknown but useful and tasty wild and heirloom seeds. Since we only have a temporary country for a few years so far, we really appreciate any support thankfully!

With the purchase in our online shop you support us and thus many independent and private networks for wild and heirloom seed conservation and help to create opportunities for further development in order to be able to fully experience this unique life.

Thank you for your support and continue to have joy and enthusiasm in life!

All blessings

Dominic and Benji

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